Harvey- Another 1000 Year Flood

114A4232-EditHarvey- dumped  nine trillion gallons of water on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The storm was  classified as the most extreme rain event in U.S. history.

Harvey is the third 1000 year flood I have documented in the last 13 months.  Last year, I photographed the  1000 year flood in Southern Louisiana and Mathew in North Carolina.

The determinations that make a 1000 year flood, a 1000 year flood are based on the chances of several factors coming together to cause a weather event. These calculations don’t seem to have factored climate change in to the equation.

Here are links to my work on the three 1000 year floods mentioned in this post.

HARVEY: Weather Channel’s site- Reflections of Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Hits Home for Texas Environmental Hero Hilton Kelley

From Homes to Refineries, Finding Pollution and Loss in Harvey’s Path

Black & White Photos of Harvey’s Aftermath / Color Photos of Harvey’s Aftermath

MATTHEW   Weather Channel :Reflections of The Flood

Feature  for the Weather Channel about the 1000 year flood in Southern Louisiana  A YEAR IN THE AFTERMATH 

Wading through the aftermath of Louisiana’s 1,000-year flood 

Environmental Concerns — and Anger — Grow in Month After Thousand-Year Flood Strikes Louisiana

Flood-Ravaged Gulf Coast Residents Ask President Obama To Cancel Federal Offshore Drilling Lease Auction

Louisiana’s Drowning: Follow our Photographer’s Journey Capturing Hope and Loss in Historic Flood

2 thoughts on “Harvey- Another 1000 Year Flood

  1. wow. thank you for doing the heavy lifting. your love for the gulf coast shines through when you shine the light on darkness you awaken the people. gratitude and blessings Julie.

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