Louisiana in Photos 2016

Here is a look back in photos taken in Southern Louisiana through out 2016.
Also, links to some of my photo essays and reports from last year, based in Louisiana.

Baton Rouge Unites in Anguish Over Death of Alton Sterling
In Louisiana, a heavily armed response to protesters
Alton Sterling’s funeral offers a moment of reflection
Wading through the aftermath of Louisiana’s 1,000-year floodNew Orleans Water Protectors Show Solidarity with Standing Rock
PHOTOS: Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry Continues Growing Along the Coast It’s Helping Shrink


5 thoughts on “Louisiana in Photos 2016

  1. Thanks Julie

    You probably don’t remember me , but my name is Ashley Darris. I met you at the original Trump rally in Mobile in September 2015. You took pictures of me and my wife who was wearing the green Obama shirt and I was wearing the Obama hat. I recall you asking why we came all the way from Montgomery to see Trump. I said just for fun ,entertainment and something to do because we were bored. Well I guess it’s not so fun or entertaining anymore. I was wondering what did you do with the pictures you took. I never saw them on your web site ( kind of disappointing I didn’t make the cut ) so if you still got any please let me know or just send them. ( I never thought idiot man would become president ). Again thanks a lot.

    Sincerely ,

    Ashley Darris

  2. Amazing images! Love them. I’m concerned about the families in the areas of flooding, Alton Sterling’s death, the Dump fiasco(I’m very scared for this year), and the other images you shot.

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