August 29th – Double Anniversary for Devastating Storms in Louisiana

August 29th, 2013 — The anniversary of the arrival of two lethal hurricanes in Louisiana: Katrina and Isaac.


Gutted home in Braithwaite Park One Year After Isaac

Eight years after Katrina, the lower 9th ward remains scarred. One year after Isaac, most of Braithwaite in Plaquemines Parish resembles a ghost town.

Today hurricane season reaches its peak. So far it has been a quiet one, but it is too early in the season to let down one’s guard. Here is a link to images I shot yesterday in Plaquemines Parish and New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, a link to my work on Hurricane Isaac from last year, and another to all things New Orleans, including post-Katrina shots over the years.


Broken Swan in front of gutted house in Plaquemines Parish


Russel Wilson in the remains of his daughter home in Braithwaite Park. Her flood insuarnce has gone from $2500 to $17,000 dollars making it impossible for her to afford to rebuild her life in Briathwaite


Home in Braithewaite Park that will be torn down. It has yet to be determined how much toxins remain after hazardous chemicals from Stolthaven Chemical Plant mixed with the flood water that sat in the area for days.


Home in Braithewaite Park where only one home has been re- inhabited


Home with overgrown yard in Braithwaite Park. Resdients are fined if they don’t upkeep their yards. Even those who can’t afford to move back.


Sign with rules for residents in Plaquemines Parish in flood damaged areas.


Home built to new storm height regulations


Blighted homewith over grown lawn in  New Orleans Lower 9th Ward, eight years after Katrina


Blighted home in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward eight years after Katrina


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