Chick-fil-A During the National Kiss-in on August 3rd in Metairie Louisiana

Whosoever Believeth,  a 43 year old father, came to the Metairie, LA Chick-fil-A after hearing about the National Kiss-Iplanned for Chick fil-A franchises across America.  He wasn’t there to kiss anyone, but to spread the word about what he believes  the to-do is all about. “This is not about free speech or freedom of religion,” Whosever Believeth said. “This is about Chick-Fil-A giving money to the Family Research Council who actively oppose gay rights.” Hundreds packed the Metairie Chick-fil-A on Wednesday’s Appreciation Day to show support for the chain, but only two gay couples showed up for Thursday’s National Kiss-In. The couples entered the store, kissed and left.

Clay, who wouldn’t give his last name, was not impressed. “This is New Orleans,” he said, “or close enough. Everyone has a gay family member or friend, everyone!.” The Kiss-In couples seemed tame to him, so, with his girlfriend Rosy he demonstrated what a real kiss looks like for reporters on the scene. To

The two same sex couple kisses seemed authentic to me. All three kisses are posted here and a link to video of Whosever Beleiveth speaking about the issue that has many people  boycotting Chick-fil-A.

 To see/read my story on the Atlantic’s website site on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day also photographed in Metairie Louisiana click here. 

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