Iraqi police will be taking over the security of Iraq though many fear they are not ready

Hillary Clinton told the press during her visit to Iraq at the end of April: that the recent upsurge in sectarian violence is a major concern. It is a few terrorists making their last hurrah, as America gets ready to turn the baton of security over to the Iraqis. She is confident, she said, that all will be well. The MPs I have been talking to aren’t as confident and neither am I.

The last five days I have been at FOB (forward operating base) Shield, embedded with the 39th Louisiana National Guard MPs, checking on the progress of their mission. They were tasked as a PTT, police training transition team. While accompanying them to an Iraqi police station in Sadr City, two bombs went off in the sector. Time will tell if the Iraqis are ready to handle their own security or not.

I’m headed back to America. The first leg of my journey back starts the morning of the 9th- with a book and a film in the works on my time in Iraq. Check back for more images and a link to the final story on fox 8 in New Orleans.

Images top: Iraqi police bike with fake flowers / Sgt. Prince putting on her kevlar/MP’s stop at check point in Sadr City
Bottom: CL. Jamal at his desk / Preachrd at check point/Car that had car bomb in it which only partially detonated/Al Jazaeer Police Station/Iraqi tank painted with flowers at check point/NaquinNaquin in police commander’s office / MP checks for snipers as Phin Percy films on roof of police station /Fake flowers – landscaping at Iraqi police station/Smith takes down numbers of supplies in weapons room at Iraqi police station via flashlight since the station has no power/Craft cleans his nails with knife in commander’s office at Iraqi police station


260 thoughts on “Iraqi police will be taking over the security of Iraq though many fear they are not ready

  1. 夏休みももう終わりに近づきこのまま一人は寂しいのちがう?そこでモテる度チェッカーを使い自分がなぜモテないか診断してもらいましょう。10~20代の女性アドバイザーが多数在籍してるので、アドバイスを参考に夏終盤を楽しもう

  2. 夏休みも終わり、心にぽっかり空いた隙間を癒すのには人肌が一番。でもキッカケって中々無くて困りませんか?そんな時にモバゲーを使えば、手頃な距離の人との共通の趣味から盛り上がり一気にってことは、ザラに有ります。ぜひ一度どうですか

  3. モバゲーとかで出 合えないとか思って見向きもしない方が増えてきてますけど、それは本当に出 合えるテクニックを知らないだけです。でもテクニックが無かっても素人でも出 合える場所を提供しますよ

  4. 今、グリーの中に出合い率8割を越すコミュニティが有るのは御存知ですか!!しかしグリーに入会が嫌な方の為にコミュ立ち上げ人が、別サイトを作りグリー登録の方はこちらにも相互登録してるので、必然的に出合える仕組みです。この機会にどうですか

  5. 第142回 天皇賞 秋 2010 今年の波乱を大予想!出走馬の厳選された情報だけを公開…気になるアノ馬の仕上がり具合とは?さらにオッズやデータを分析し、必勝買い目を導き出す!結果につなげるのはあなた次第!

  6. 第11回 ジャパンカップダート 2010 予想 オッズには抜け穴がある・・・現場スタッフによるデータ収集、さらに血統に関しても徹底して分析済み!出走馬の調整、展開を完全に読みきる!裏情報を独占公開

  7. ワンピースの物知り自慢を争ってみませんか?なんか海賊王争いみたいで良いでしょう。ちょっとレアな問題とかも出ますが、結果によってはレアな称号、ヒグマ山賊団の頭の称号が手に入るかもって、いらないかな

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